Well Hello!

My name is Sally, or 'Go Sally, Go!' on!

Truth be told, I did not start off my online journey on Twitch, but actually as a blogger on my primary website ''.

I'm still massively passionate about my "blogger side", and write regular articles around style, travel, beauty, and life still, however something about Twitch stole my heart recently, and 'Go Sally, Go!' was born.


Some years back I graduated from University as a Graphic Designer, with a love for illustration. The only thing is...I really wasn't happy with my drawing ability! I abandoned even trying to draw anymore (very silly), but ideas for things like short stories and comics were ever present still.

sally morgan-moore

So that's when it hit me. Inspired by so many amazingly artistic people on Twitch, I decided to team up with a fellow illustrator and bring my short, silly ideas to life.

I draw the storyboard (awfully), write down the narrative, and that's when my buddy takes over (wishing to stay anonymous at present).

Intertwining my love for illustration, unique visuals, and story telling, along with social streaming and viewer interaction, I decided to create my little work right here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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